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Aeronautical Engineers Board Exam 2012

The Aeronautical Engineer Board Exam, also known as the Aeronautical Engineer Licensure Examination, is a board exam facilitated by the Board of  Aeronautical Engineering under the Professional Regulatory Commission to assess the competency of BS Aeronautical Engineering  graduates.

As per R.A. 1080, individuals who passed the board exam need not take the civil service exams to be eligible for the following positions:

  • Aircraft Structural Engineer
  • Aircraft Design Engineer
  • Aircraft Power Plant Engineer
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Operation/Performance Engineer
  • Professor
  • Consultant


The licensure exam will cover all the important things you have learned during your five years in college. These include the following:

  • Aircraft Structures and Design – 20 %
    • Aircraft Design Fundamentals
    • Structural Loading Conditions
    • Structural Analysis and Design of Airframe Components
    • Landing Gears
    • Engine Mounts and Other Structural Parts
    • Non-structural Component Design
  • Aircraft Construction, Repair, and Modification – 15 %
    • Aircraft Materials and Processes
    • Methods and Techniques in Repair and Modification in Accordance with Civil Airworthiness Regulations
    • Manufacturing/Production Processes and Quality Assurance
  • Aerodynamics – 25 %
    • Fundamentals of Low-High Speed Aerodynamics
    • Application of Aerodynamics to Fixed/Rotary Wing Aircraft Configurations
    • Performance, Stability, and Control
    • Wind Tunnels and Applications
  • Mathematics – 10 %
    • Algebra
    • Trigonometry
    • Analytical Geometry
    • Calculus and Differential Equations with Aeronautical Engineering Applications
  • Aircraft Power Plant – 20 %
    • Thermodynamics and Power Plant Design and Operation Fundamentals with Applications to Internal Combustion Engines Reciprocating Engines Aircraft Gas Turbines
    • Pulsejet and Ramjet
    • Rocket Propulsion System and Other Aircraft Power Systems
  • Engineering Economics and Management Laws and Ethics 10 %
    • Principles of Economics and Management as Applied to Aviation Industry
    • Laws, Rules, and Regulations Governing the Practice of Aeronautical Engineering to Include PD 1570
    • Rules and Regulations with Code of Professional Ethics of the Board of Aeronautical Engineering and Others


Licensure exams for BS Aeronautical Engineering graduates are usually held once a year. Below are the dates and testing centers for the 2012 Aeronautical Engineers Board Exam.

 November 13-15, 2012  Tue/Wed/Thu, Manila  October 24, 2012


The table below shows the number of board passers in the Licensure Exam for Aeronautical Engineers in the last 3 years:

 November 2011 107 51 47.66 %
 November 2010 120 48 40.00 %
 November 2009 95 26 27.36 %

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  1. Hello,

    you mentioned that there are review courses available. Could you please advise which school offer this?

    I’ve been trying to find reviewer courses- but it seems most of the schools do not offer them.


    • Hi, Hector!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      We’re really sorry, but as much as we’d like to provide you with more information, we’re still working on the “review courses” section. So far, we haven’t come across any review courses for the Aeronautical Engineer board exam. 🙁

      We will be quick to update the entry as soon as we have found relevant information, though.

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