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Bachelor of Science in Psychology in the Philippines

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psychology) is a four-year degree program in the Philippines that is concerned with the way humans think and behave.

By taking this course, you will learn how to conduct and interpret different tests such as those aiming at evaluating a person’s intelligence (IQ test), skills (aptitude tests), and personality (personality test); and how you can apply your findings in different settings such as the field of education, business, and public service.

It is mostly similar to Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with the exception of additional natural science electives that you can take in preparation for pursuing a career in medicine or research.

Some examples of courses that you may take while enrolled in this program include:

  • Pscyhological Statistics
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Personality
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Research in Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Current Issues in Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Sikolohiyang Pilipino
  • Group Dynamics
  • Psychology of Learning
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Aside from taking the subjects above, you may also be required to go through an On-the-Job Training at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other similar healthcare facilities where you’ll have an opportunity to put what you learned in school to good use.


Graduates of BS Psychology can pursue any of the following jobs:

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • College Professor
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Community Developer

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  1. Hi, good day!

    To whom it may concern, I would like to ask how to be part of your program for scholarship if I already took up bachelors for one year however, I stop due to financial problem?

    Seeking for your help

    Thank you!

  2. hi, may i ask if anyone of you know.. if there are schools that offers consumer psychology in their curriculum? I badly need to cross enroll that subject this sem.. hoping for a response soon..

  3. Good Day!!!Tanong ko lng po kung kelan po mag open ang admission test nyo for freshmen next school year. My daughter wants to take up B.S. in Psycholgy and how much is the tuition fee per semester. thanks and regards.

  4. Is bs psychology the course to take if i want to be a therapist?

  5. may i know what would be the suitable course to take to be a nun?

  6. Is this course still in demand? Can I get a good job without taking master’s degree?

    • Hi, Wilfred!

      Based on the list of in-demand jobs and hard-to-fill occupations released by DOLE as well as job advertisements we see online, psychologists do not seem to be in high demand although there are jobs available to them.

      That’d probably depend on what you consider as a “good job.” There are employers that require a master’s degree; there are employers that don’t. Having one could work to your advantage, though, because you’d have more career options to choose from.


      • Thank you for the reply πŸ™‚ Can this course give me a wide range of job opportunity?

        • Hi, Wilfred!

          You’re welcome.

          In some ways, yes. It doesn’t seem to be particularly in demand (basing on the number of job advertisements in the field of psychology), but it can allow you to work with companies from different industries regardless whether you’ll be working as a clinician, researcher, or part of the human resources staff.


      • Thanks for the reply it helped a lot πŸ™‚

  7. University of the Cordilleras, University of Baguio and Saint Louis University are the schools in Baguio that also offers BS in Psychology, same with the University of the Northern Philippines in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

    • Thank you Carl for sharing what you know. πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for the information. It helped a lot. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Robbie!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      You’re welcome. We’re always glad to be of help. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi! Can I work as HR Specialist/Officer/Staff, even though I graduated as BS Clinical Psychology?

  10. Hello. Sorry If I’m naughty! πŸ˜€
    I’m a bit confused about the course I will take and my future work. I will take Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSP).
    Is there any difference between BSP in BS Clinical Psychology?
    I am worried that my possible work is only for clinic? Because the fb fage of my school posted “BSCP” not BSP? but in my enrollment certificate and ID BSPSY/BSP is only putted? Is there differences? Hopes doesnt have.

    Thank you so much! You’re a great help!

    • Hi, Jonathan!

      From what we know, the two are mostly the same; clinical psychology is just a specialization, so some topics that BSPS would cover in passing would be explored in detail with BSCP.

      CP does involve more clinical work compared to the other specializations, but from what we’ve seen on job advertisements, most companies don’t discriminate against any specific specializations, so as long as you’re a psychology grad, you can apply anywhere the others can.


      • Oh thank you, now I know. πŸ˜€ Did you mean that I am considered as BSP student? Anyway, what’s the meaning of BSPS? Thank you so much! By the way,
        I will enter as freshmen student of PUP, and you help me a lot. Thanks πŸ™‚

        • Hi, Jonathan!

          You’re welcome. We’re glad to be of help.

          Yes, you are. BSPS is an acronym for BS Psychology.

          That’s great to hear.

          Good luck!


  11. Is BS Psychology is somehow related to BSBA Major in Human Resource Development Management? Thanks! :))

    • Hi, Jonathan!

      Thanks for the visit.

      Plenty of companies use principles and theories from psychology to effectively manage their staff, so you can say they are related in some ways.


    • does Psychology required a person who is intelligent in Math? Does Psychology contains math? i think science? πŸ˜€ Am i right?

      • Hi, Jonathan!

        Thanks for coming back.

        As far as we know, neither AB Psychology nor BS Psychology is Math intensive. They both have several Math subjects, but mostly basic ones that students of other courses also take (algebra, finite math, statistics…)

        You are right. They do have a good number of science-related subjects, although BSPS has several more than ABPS.


  12. A pleasant day again! I just want to ask if a Psychology is somehow related or equivalent of BSBA Major in HRDM?

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