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Diploma Courses in the Philippines That You Can Take Online

Diploma Courses



  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Cebu Technological University)
  • Diploma in Professional Education (Cebu Technological University)
  • Diploma in Science Teaching (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Mathematics Teaching (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Language and Literacy Education (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Social Studies Education (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Educational Evaluation and Development for Master Teachers (Pangasinan State University Open University Systems)
  • Diploma in Development of Leader Effectiveness in the Academe  (Pangasinan State University Open University Systems)
  • Diploma in Executive Leadership in Private and Government Organizations (Pangasinan State University Open University Systems)
  • Diploma in Excellent Aquacultural Productivity (Pangasinan State University Open University Systems)
  • Diploma in Excellent Agricultural Productivity (Pangasinan State University Open University Systems)



  • Diploma in Agriculture (UP Open University*)


Management and Public Administration

  • Diploma in Social Work (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Land Use Planning (UP Open University*, Central Luzon State University Open University)
  • Diploma in Land Valuation & Management (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Training Management (Benguet State University Open University, Central Luzon State University Open University)
  • Diploma in Urban Management (Benguet State University Open University)
  • Diploma in Women and Development  (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Research and Development Management  (UP Open University)


Health and Allied Sciences

  • Diploma in International Health (UP Open University)


Computer Studies

  • Diploma in Computer Science (UP Open University)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (PUP Open University)



  • Diploma in Architecture ((UP Open University)*



  • Programs marked with asterisks (*) after the university are currently on moratorium
  • The list above was compiled based on publicly accessible information until June 23, 2015. Information may change without prior notice from the schools concerned.
  • Courses offered by open universities are typically offered online, however, this might not be the case all the time. For more accurate and detailed information, please contact the school directly.
  • is not affiliated with any of the schools mentioned above. For inquiries and other specific concerns, please get in touch with the school directly so they provide you with assistance.

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  1. Hello! I’m very much interested po ng culinary arts online program, but as OFW po how it will be possible? Kindly let me know. Thank you very much.

  2. hi! i would like to ask about the diploma in information technology on line course. I am interested to enroll. Thank you.

  3. I already take BSBA major in management for two years,I wonder what courses I can enroll to continue or my previous subject will be and where?

  4. Hi! I want to enroll diploma in computer science thru online Course. Anyone knows how to reach and process. thank you and Godbless.

  5. Hi, which schools offer online courses for computer studies?

    • Hi, Jewel!

      UP Open University has Diploma in Computer Science while PUP Open University has Diploma in Information Technology.


  6. hi i would like to enroll diploma in land valuation & management. is there any school here or near pampanga that offers that course online? thanks so much.. 🙂

  7. what school in cebu that officer diploma courses: training management, early childhood education, and executive leadership in private and public organizations

    • Hi, Archie!

      Cebu Technological University has the diploma course in Early Childhood Education on their list of course offerings. We’re not sure if there are any schools in Cebu that offer the other two courses you were asking about, but if it would help, Benguet State University Open University has the Diploma Course in Training Management on their list while Pangasinan State University Open University Systems has the Diploma Course in Executive Leadership on theirs.


  8. I want to enroll in Diploma Architecture.Anyone knows,what school offers this course?

  9. Why I haven’t seen any reply from the administrator of this online courses. It seems that there are no responses from the inquiries above. Is this real or just a scam? We need sime info on how to enroll and we need to know the amount of miney to be spend. Thank you.

    • Hi, Alberto!

      If you were referring to our administrators, we have been working on other projects, so we have not been able to answer questions as quickly as we would’ve wanted to, and like other companies/organizations, we don’t have work during holidays.

      That said, we’ve updated the list to include which schools offer the courses listed above. We suggest you get in touch with them directly as they’re the ones in the best position to answer your questions regarding tuition fees and enrollment procedure.

  10. Hi,I want to enroll diploma in international health.please inform me on how to reach the process.Thank you and Godbless.

    • Hi, Diana!

      UP Open University offers this program. We suggest you contact them directly so they can give you more detailed and accurate information.

  11. Hi.. i am interested to enroll in diploma in early childhdood education..can u please send me information that would guide me where and how to enroll online?..thanks and Godbless

  12. Hi i jusy wanted to ask how to enroll online for any of the coirse listed above and how much is the tuition fee.? Thank you.

  13. Hello.,I am planning to take education units trough online.,is there any offers about this.,or otherwise I’ll take another one which is the diploma in food safety.,

  14. Hi what are the requirements for diploma for social work.. I was not able to finish college thats why im planning to take some course that enables me to have work

  15. I would like to go with Diploma in Information Technology. Please send us the procedure how to apply online.
    Thank you so much.

  16. Hi how can i enroll in diploma in early childhood education.What school and how much is the tuition fee.ty

  17. Hi! How can I enroll and how much is the cost? I’m interested in Diploma in Computer Science Course.

  18. how can i have the course in deploma in early childhood? what school? and how much?

  19. hi im interested with diploma in early childhood education, kindly send me information on what schools offer online basis for the said course and how much will it cost me…
    thank you very much!

  20. How can I have the courses and what school?

  21. I’ d like to make an inquiry on your online course for Office Management Technology. How much is the tuition fee? If i am an undergrad Of BSBA Management Information System does my other units from my curriculum will be accredited?

  22. Hi, how much the tuition fee for culinary arts how to enroll and how long it takes? thank you

  23. Can you please tell me how to enroll on this online course, am interested in Social work and Professional education…thank you

  24. hi, I would like to enroll online course. I graduated associate course for 2 years and computer programming for 1 year. May i continue and enroll education course? How much is the price and how many years to finish?
    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.

  25. I’m a fifth year Civil Engineering student and if possible i’ll finish the course by this on line opportunity and take board exams. I’m working right now and find it difficult to pursue this course till graduation. Finding this opportunity gives me hope that someday or somehow i could be an engineer and be able to practice Civil Engineering. Pls e-mail me any information that would best give me the right thing to do and if I qualify let me know all the necessary requirements in compliance.

  26. Hi

    how can I apply for online course..I would like to enroll for education course and how much is the cost


  27. hello

    could anyone tell me which schools offer these online courses?

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