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DND-CHED-PASUC Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program:

DND-CHED-PASUC Scholarship Program

Scholarship Sponsor:

  • Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  • Department of National Defense (DND)
  • Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC)

Target Beneficiaries:

Children of military personnel who are/were either in active duty, Killed in Action (KIA) or those who were dischaged because of combat-related complete disability (CDD-CR).


  • Only legitimate / legitimized children of AFP personnel shall be entitled to the scholarship grant under this program. Legitimate /legitimized children shall refer to those born of the legal spouse of the military personnel and children adopted in accordance with the law by the concerned military personnel.
  • Must not be enjoying any similar scholarship entitlement from the AFP or any government/private institution at the time of application.
  • Must not have any pending administrative, civil, or criminal case.
  • Must possess the appropriate educational qualifications necessary to sustain the course/degree.


  • Copy or authenticated machine copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy or authenticated machine copy of Death Certificate or certified true copy of CDD with combat casualty report for KIA and CDD personnel.
  • Form 138 (High School Report Card) and one machine copy of diploma and Transcript of Records from last educational institution where the applicant entered.
  • Two copies of latest 2×2 pictures of prospective grantee
  • For active members, clearances from TJAG, TIG, and TPMO.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Children of KIA, CDD-CR, and active military personnel shall be granted scholarships only in educational disciplines in degrees as follows: Engineering, Agriculture, Fisheries, Teacher Education, Social Sciences, excluding Bachelor of Laws, and Physical Sciences excluding Dentistry and Medicine.
  • A grantee is entitled to a scholarship grant leading to one collegiate degree from a state university or college.
  • A total of two hundred (200) scholarship slots shall be provided annually and may be increased upon agreement by the Secretary of Department of National Defense, Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education, and the President of Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges, depending on the budgetary allocation for the purpose.
  • Priority shall always be given to children of KIA personnel, followed by battle-related CDD dependents. Children of active military personnel shall be accommodated in the program if vacant slots or “quota at large” shall be declared after having confirmed all scholarship candidates from qualified KIA and battle-related CDD children.
  • CHED shall cover payment of miscellaneous fees, not to exceed P2,500 per semester.
  •  The host SUC shall cover payment of tuition fees for the whole duration of the degree course.
  •  The AFP shall provide for the scholar’s stipends amounting to P4,000 per semester or P8,000 annually to be implemented by the AFP educational Benefit System Office (AFPEBSO).
  •  Candidates for this scholarship program must satisfy all admission requirements set by the respective SUCs on or before the date specified by the sponsor.
  •  The scholarship obligation shall commence immediately on the year the scholar enrolls his/her course.
  •  Scholars admitted in the program shall abide by the host SUC’s rules and regulations as well as the course/degree requirements.
  •  Except for meritorious reasons, scholarsh shall not be alllowed to transfer to another school prior to the grant of this benefit.
  •  At no instance shall the scholar be allowed to go on leave of absence without prior approval from the Central Scholarship Board during the mandatory period of schooling.
  • An active member whose dependent is availing of this scholarship program shall be required to serve the AFP for an additional period of one and a half years for every year of study or a fraction thereof reckoned from the date of completion of the course/study or termination of the grant his/her children availed subject to PD 1638 as amended.
  • The scholarship shall be terminated if the schola fails to meet all academic requirements set by the host institution, is expelled from the school, or is convicted by any court for an offense involving moral turpitude.
  • In providing general guidance and oversight functions to ensure the sustained implementation of the DND-CHED-PASUC Scholarship Program, and in resolving problems that may arise during the implementation, the Central Scholarship Board shall be authorized to make necessary amendments to this implementing rules and regulations, recommend the termination of this IRR, execute and implement any proposal relative to the effectiveness, sustainability, and perpetuity of the scholarship program.

Contact Information:


Office of Student Services

Commission on Higher Education

Telephone Number: (02) 382-5473, local 110



Department of National Defense

Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City

Telephone Number: 911-6001 to 20



Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges

Unit 105 National Tobacco Administration Building

Scout Reyes St. cor Panay Ave., Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone Numbers: 376-6213 and 376-6217

Fax Number: 376-6215

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