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Frequently Asked Questions: Shifting to a New Course

What would happen if I shift to a new course? Will I have to start from scratch all over again?

As far as we know, you won’t. At the very least, you can have some of the units that you earned from passing your general education subjects carried over to your new course.

How many units will be credited if I shift to another course?

That would depend on the curriculum of the course you took before and the one you plan to shift into as well as the policies of the school you are enrolled at.

From what we know, units are usually credited if the titles and descriptions of the subjects you took in your previous course are similar to the titles and descriptions of the subjects you need to take in your new one; however, there are schools that impose a fixed number of units that can be credited when you shift to a new course or transfer to a new school. For that, we suggest that you get in touch with the school registrar so they can explain it in detail to you.

If I shift to a new course, what year would I be in then?

That would depend on how many units would be carried over to your new course. For example, in some schools, most freshmen students take the same general education subjects on their first year regardless of their courses, so shifting to a new course hardly makes any difference — provided that they do it before they start taking course-specific subjects.

If you’re going to shift courses much later, though, like when you’re on your third year when most students have already taken several major subjects in their respective courses, you’d probably end up as an irregular student. That means you are neither a first year, second year, third year, or fourth year student because you’ll probably be taking subjects usually meant to be taken by students of different year levels.

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