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Philippine National Police Academy Entrance Examination (PNPACAT) 2012 for SY 2013-2014

Philippine National Police Academy is now accepting applicants for the PNPA entrance eamination also known as Philippine National Police Academy Cadet Admission Test (PNPACAT).

Examination Date:

October 28, 2012

Deadline for Submission of Application:

September 24, 2012

Requirements for Admission: (DO NOT APPLY if you are NOT QUALIFIED)

  • Natural born Filipino citizen;
  • Of good moral character;
  • No financial obligations;
  • Male or female, single and with no parental obligation;
  • 17 to 21 years old at the time of admission;
  • Preferably 5feet 4inches in height for male, and 5feet 2inches for female except for indigenous people;
  • Weight must not be more than or not less than five (5) kilograms of the standard weight corresponding
  • to height, age, and sex;
  • At least high school graduate;
  • Must be able to pass the minimum required physical fitness exercises:
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  • Physically and mentally fit for cadetship training;
  • Have no criminal, administrative, or civil case and other derogatory record(s);
  • Must not be a former cadet of PNPA or other service academies;

Grounds for Medical Disqualification:

  • Defective Visual Perception (color blindness, near sighted/far sighted with corrective eyeglasses or lens, nystagmus);
  • Physical Deformities (bowlegged or congenital defects)
  • Perforated ear drum, chronic sinusitis, bleeding tendencies, hemorrhoids, hernia (if not treated), varicocoele, extensive skin disorders;
  • History of heart disease, hypertension, asthma, active PTB, kidney and liver diseases, epileptic seizure disorders, major operations; sexually transmitted infection such as AIDS, Hepatitis, VD etc.
  • Full dentures, upper and lower, Cleft lip and palate, malocclusion, Deformities of the face, Open bite, Tongue-tied, missing of four(4) anterior or front teeth & Missing of six (6) posterior/molar teeth;
  • Tattoos and other brotherhood marks, ear piercing (male only);
  • For Females: Goiter; History of pregnancy; Presence of breast mass; Painful menstruation

Coverage of Examination:

  • Communication Skills
  • Logical and Reasoning Ability
  • Math and Sciences
  • General Information and Current Events
  • Values and Aptitude for the Service

Application Procedure:

  • Fill out the application form. Application form can either be downloaded from this page or filled out electronically on this one.
  • Submit duly accomplished application together with a self-stamped WINDOW ENVELOPE to the Office of the Registrar or mail to: The Director, (Attn: Registrar), Philippine National Police Academy, Camp General Mariano N Castañeda, 4129 Silang, Cavite.
  • NOTICE OF EXAMINATION OR ADMISSION NOTICE from the PNPA registrar shall be sent through mail. Applicants who fail to receive notice of examination may visit the PNPA website at to check if he/she is included in the List of Qualified Examinees. If found qualified, applicants may go directly at the designated examination areas on the date of examination even without the notice of examination. Applicants shall present valid personal identification cards (ID’s) together with other requirements.
Note: The PNPA Cadetship Program is a government Scholarship Program. Admitted Cadets must complete the Cadetship Program and serve the government either in the PNP, BFP or BJMP services for the prescribed period (two years of service for every year of scholarship). Cadets shall reimburse the government expenses for his/her scholarship should he/she fail to complete the Cadetship Program.

Contact Information:

Philippine National Police Academy

Camp General Mariano N Castañeda, Silang, Cavite, 4129, Philippines

Telephone Numbers: (049) 545 5939 / (049) 545 5940


Courses in the Philippines is not affiliated with Philippine National Police Academy. For specific questions and other concerns, please get in touch with their official representatives or visit their official website for more information.

Last Modified: September 12, 2012

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  1. Good day maam/sir,
    Thank u for all the info here.i am from leyte and my brother is very interested in entering the PNPA.he’s already 4th year student but he’s only i guess we just have to wait for him to turn 17 before he qualifies for the admission exam.hope we receive notifications on any schedules of ur good office.thank u so much maam/sir with all due respect from our family.

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