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Seminars and Workshops in the Philippines

Workshops and seminars are short courses that place emphasis on discussing and exploring specific topics of interests; however, compared to other short courses that cover several topics or competencies during the length of the program, they usually focus on one particular topic or competency at a time.

What’s the Difference Between a Workshop and a Seminar?

While both meant to facilitate the exchange of information, seminars tend to be more focused on lectures, with an invited lecturer usually standing in front while discussing the topics chosen for the seminar. A demonstration of the applications of the things that were discussed during the lecture might be given, but they’re mostly limited to a few examples.

Workshops, on the other hand, are more often focused on hands-on training. Lectures may also be conducted prior to the live demonstrations, but the main goal is usually to allow the attendees to successfully demonstrate the skills they were expected to acquire before the workshop ends.

Who Organizes Workshops and Seminars?

Private companies and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are usually the ones who organize workshops and seminars — sometimes for free; sometimes for a fee — but occasionally, government agencies also organize seminars of their own to tackle relevant issues that may benefit the general public, especially if they are related to the services they provide.

Sometimes, school-based organizations also conduct workshops and seminars inside their schools to supplement the things the students learn in class.

Workshops and Seminars in the Philippines

There are plenty of workshops and seminars offered to interested individuals in the Philippines; however, for this post, we’ll mostly be focusing on workshops and seminars offered to working professionals who wish to improve their skills or for those who are planning to learn a particular craft or skill in preparation for future business or career goals.

Below are some examples:

  • ICT Office IT Security Workshop Series – The Integrated Government Philippines (iGovPhil) Project will be hosting a FREE Seminar Series on Cyber Security. This seminar aims to discourse about strategies in protecting sensitive digital resources.
  • Philippine Trade Training Center – Overseen by the Department of Trade and Industry, the PTTC designs and develops training curricula and corresponding instructional materials and conducts training programs for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), business support organizations, and the government sector.
  • Technology Resource Center – The Technology Resource Center (TRC), under the supervision of the Department of Science and Technology, serves the public through the acquisition and promotion of technology and livelihood skills and information for Filipinos worldwide.

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  1. Hi! Alternative Learning System
    I’m Miss Ana Cristina Romero from Pasay City I just want to ask how can I apply as volunteer teacher in Alternative Learning System? What are the steps? What are the requirements in applying as volunteer teacher? I already have my license as professional teacher. I am currently teaching in private school along Cavite as math teacher. I can also teach other subject!

    Pls Reply upon receiving this message!
    This is my contact number 09065689504
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Ana!

      We’re sorry, but as much as we’d like to answer that question for you, we’re not affiliated with the Bureau of Alternative Learning System. We suggest you contact them directly so they can address your concern.


  2. hi.. are there courses/seminars/workshop on woodworks?

  3. I’m happy to see about training, workshop seminar at philippines. please inform me any paid short course or free seminar-workshop

    • Hi, Mustafa!

      The Philippine Trade Training Center offers a wide variety of training programs all year round. We suggest you visit their website so you can find the list of available courses and how you can enroll.


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