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What is the Difference Between a Radiologic Technologist and an X-Ray Technologist?

Radiologic Technologists and X-Ray Technologists (also referred to as X-Ray Technicians) are both involved in diagnostic procedures that make use of imaging equipment. They are also both required to pass the Licensure Examination for Radiologic Technologists and X-Ray Technologists before they can practice their profession legally.

Radiologic Technologists however, are graduates of the four-year Bachelor of Science in Radiology Technology program while X-Ray Technologists are graduates of the three year Associate in Radiology Technology program in the Philippines.

Responsibility-wise, X-Ray Technologists are mostly limited to performing X-Ray procedure for medical patients while Radiologic Technologists can perform any of a number of diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-Ray, Computed Tomography scan (CT scan), Computed Axial Tomography scan (CAT scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasonography (ultrasound), and other related procedures.

X-Ray Technologists can┬ábranch out to more advanced procedures by upgrading their associate degree into a bachelor’s degree, though. Depending on the school they are enrolled at, this may mean taking additional courses for another year or two. Once they’ve graduated, they can then take the Licensure Examination for Radiologic Technologists so they can get their license and become eligible for more career opportunities.

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