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  1. Good day!
    It is very accurate to land a job after graduating BSBA-Marketing Management?
    What are the possible qualifications in hiring new employee?
    Thank You…

  2. I am a 3rd yr Management accounting student and I am planning to shift to Marketing Management– I am looking for more reasons why I supposed to do that ,in fact that personally I like it.I have only one subject behind from if that such happen,thinking its not that risky.

  3. Hi! I mean, is it possible that a Merketing graduate can find a job as Call center agent? I want to be a call center agent, and I want AB Masscom as my course but unfortunately, my school do not offer Masscom? Is Marketing somehow related to AB Masscom course??

    • Hi, Jonathan!

      Yes, it is very much possible. Like we said before, call center agents are rarely required to be graduates of specific courses as long as you are a college graduate. Some call centers even accept college undergraduates, so it’s rarely an issue.

      Curriculum wise, it’s kinda different. Marketing involves plenty of selling and business planning, while Mass Comm and courses related to it (Communication, Broadcasting, Journalism) usually involves a lot of writing.

      If they have something in common, though, it’s probably that they both require good communication skills.


      • Thank you so much! This site is very helpful! Because of this, I am now contented to take Marketing, but honestly I feel a little bit of disappointments but I know that i will learn to love my course someday!

        Thank you,! Your such a great help! Can I visit you every time for my questions?

        • Hi, Jonathan!

          Thanks for coming back.

          You’re welcome. We’re glad we were able to be of help.

          Sure! Feel free to drop by anytime and we’ll try our best to answer your questions.


  4. I’m a graduate of BSBA major in Marketing. Okay naman iyong course. Di naman masasabing mahirap. May konting Math na involved, pero mostly ang focus talaga ay nasa diskarte sa pagbebenta. Di naman required na may experience ka sa negosyo basta willing kang matuto at merong kang good communication skills. πŸ™‚

    • Hi ate Mela! Thanks for sharing your experience as a Marketing graduate! I just want to know if is it enjoyable to study your course? I will take BSBA Maj. in Marketing, but I am not too much intelligent in Math. does Marketing required a person who is intelligent in Math?

  5. .tanong ko lang po f mhirap ang bsba major in marketing..yan sana etake ko sa collage at kunti lng po knowledge ko sa business..

  6. just want to ask if where in the place of manila the best to find work after graduaated in bsba marketing ?
    thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Maricel!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      That would be a bit difficult to answer since people have different interpretations of the word “best.” If you search for “business administration” or “marketing” on the following websites, though, you’ll find a list of jobs that match your qualifications along with some important details such as the name of the company offering the job, their location, the responsibilities you’ll be expected to handle, and at times, the possible salary.


  7. hi ! just want to ask if bsba major in marketing is demmand than the other course?? if it is please send me an information so that i will choose that accordingly. thanks ahead,,…:))

  8. which course has better money making and employment opportunities? bs-marketing or bsa?

    • i’d like to add that, in my ncae the result is i’m more suited to artistic and entreprenurial courses does that make me more suited to ba-marketing than bsa?

    • Hi, Ralph!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Jobstreet and Jobsdb have conflicting figures when it comes to the number of jobs available for accountancy and marketing graduates. There are relatively more employers looking for accountancy graduates on Jobstreet, but there are more job vacancies for marketing graduates on Jobsdb.

      As for salary, fresh graduates of accountancy and marketing fall more or less on the same salary range, but accountants with several years of experience under their belts usually earn more than experienced marketing graduates.

      Those are just based on what we see on employment websites and the personal experiences of our acquaintances, though, so they are not absolute. That may not be necessarily be the case for other professionals or other locations, so we encourage you consult other sources too.


  9. good day!! hi, ask ko lang mejo nakakatwa pero , gaano po ba kahirap ang math sa marketing alam ko may math at may math talaga dahil marketing nga pero tanung lang yung level? kasi di ako ganuon kagaling sa math marketing sana ang choice ko . salamat!

    • Hi, Jhenefer!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      No worries, it’s not. Plenty of people actually ask similar questions before deciding on the course they are going to take.

      As for the question, it would depend on the curriculum of the school you are going to enroll at. Some schools have curricula that have more complex Math-related subjects, and there are schools that only require you to complete some basic or intermediate Math subjects.

      We consulted an acquaintance who took BSBA major in Marketing Management in college, and according to her, the Math subjects weren’t particularly difficult. They had four accounting subjects and algebra, but she said it’s not really difficult to pass as long as you’ll study your lessons. Apparently, their curriculum was focused on marketing theories and applications, so except for subjects necessary for computation and similar tasks, there weren’t really much Math involved.

      That’s just from her personal experience, though, so you might also want to ask other graduates for their own feedback. Seeking the advice of the guidance counselor or dean of the Business Department of the school you are going to enroll at might also help as they are more familiar with the program’s curriculum than other people are.

      Hope that helps.


  10. hi, just want to ask, do pup maragondon cavite has open university? and i want to know the courses they offer in ou. thanks.

    • Hi, Charm!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      From what we know, the PUP open university is located at the main branch in Sta. Mesa. We haven’t come across any mention of another branch so far, but you might want to check with PUP officials themselves to be sure.


    • good day ! hi ask ko lang po na kung ito po bang course natu ay madali lang po ba makapasok ng trabaho pagkatapos ng pag-aaral at kung gaano ba kahirap itong kurso at ano po bang benepisyo ang makukuha namin pag ito ang aming pinili

  11. now,i fin’lly convinced to take up bussiness administration…major in marketing management…
    due to some financial matters

    • Hello, Shariff!

      Thank you for visiting our site!

      It’s good to hear that you already know what program to enroll in. We wish you all the best.


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