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  1. um

    not reliable. not true.

    • courses.com.ph

      Hi, Um!

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      The figures mentioned above were taken from the official websites of the schools mentioned in the list and from articles published by news organizations before March 11, 2013. If you can tell us which specific figures are false and you can direct us to an official source that has more accurate and updated data, we’ll be glad to update the post.

      • Missy

        Miriam college is now 65,000 plus per semester for4th yr c.a.

      • courses.com.ph

        Hi, Missy!

        Thanks for visiting our site and for sharing what you know.

      • Luna

        This is so inaccurate. AB Comm. at Letran costs around 34k per sem.

      • courses.com.ph

        Hi, Luna!

        Thanks for visiting our site.

        The figures listed under the entry for Letran was taken from the school’s official website. If you access the cached copy “Tuition Fees Collegiate SY 2011-2012, you’ll see the same figures.

        Also, if you’ll check the note at the start of the article, you might notice the scope and limitations we specified before we provided the table.

        Thanks for sharing what you know, though.

  2. Mar

    Thanks for your effort. I appreciate what is being done here to guide and provide information on fees and others. I am looking for data on hard to fill jobs local and abroad. so that we are somehow guided which program or courses will be chosen as against popular courses whose graduate may be unemployed or underemployed later. Thanks

  3. Previa

    Last time I checked P 150.00/unit na po sa Central Mindanao University. Hindi ko po alam kung nag-increase na sila per unit ngayon.

  4. Aireen

    Ahm nxt yr po ba pcblng mgincrease ang makti university ng tuition fee,,
    And ask ko LNG po Kung mgkno ang ang persem ng education

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