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What is the difference between Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology?

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology(AB Psychology) and Bachelor of Science in Psychology(BS Psychology) in the Philippines are for the most part the same except BS Psychology has additional units of Natural Science subjects such as Biology, Zoology, Biochemistry etc. This means you will be taking the same courses/subjects in AB Psychology plus 20 or more units of science subjects to prepare you for Medicine.

Not all schools offer the same Natural Science courses so this may be one of the things that can help you differentiate between the BS Psychology programs offered by different colleges and universities in the Philippines.

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  1. Can someone please give me an idea in helping me where to find university who offers home study program for AB Psychology course? And I also wanna know if a 2nd year irregular student of B.S Business Adm. can shift to a AB Psychology course via home study program? Your help would be much appreciated. I don’t have an idea on where to inquire and if I would still qualify. Im 35 yrs old already and want to continue/pursue my college degree especially in AB Psychology. Thank you so much to those who will reply. 🙂

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