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Katherine Cruz on Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising

Name: Katherine Cruz

Course Taken: Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Advertising

Current Job: Graphic Artist/ Illustrator / Photographer

Job Responsibilities: Creating original characters, converting freehand drawings into digital illustrations, drawing occasional set designs, heading occasional photo shoots, producing promotional videos and other materials — depends on what the project at hand requires, really.


Why did you choose to take the course you did?

I’ve always liked drawing since I was a kid. When I was in high school, I would often be tasked with drawing different things for the class, so I thought taking Bachelor of Fine Arts might be a good way to hone my talent and skills.

What kind of activities did you do when you were still a BFA student?

We experimented with different color combinations that we can use when designing things. We also did a lot of figure drawings to familiarize ourselves with the human anatomy. Sometimes, we’d also have activities where we would be given a product to sell then we’d be asked to design labels, packaging, and the likes based on the target market of the product.

For you, what was the most interesting part of studying BFA? What about the most challenging?

I had a lot of fun using different materials for the pieces we used to make. Developing photos in the dark room was really fun and interesting too.

What were the things you learned from taking up BFA that you find very useful in your current work?

Production methods. It helps a lot because it gave me the foundation I need to adapt to different project requirements.

Do you have any advice for incoming college students who are thinking of taking the course you did?

If you’re thinking of taking up BFA, make sure you’re really interested in it. Creating artistic pieces is fun and fulfilling, but it can also take plenty of time and effort, so if you do not have the dedication to work on projects up to the very end, you might just end up switching to a different course. It would be a pity if that happens.

Also, don’t just rely on current trends and think of future employment opportunities instead. Would there be available jobs waiting for you when you graduate? Which major is most likely to help you get a good-paying but stable job? Those are questions you might want to think about.

Do you think you chose the right course? Why or why not?

Yes. Because I’ve always been interested in it, doing the things I have to do at work comes naturally to me.

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