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Tuition Fees of Colleges and Universities in the Philippines as of SY 2014 – 2015

Graduation days are almost over, and many of you have probably started the search for colleges and universities that you can apply to once the next enrollment season begins. If you haven’t made up your mind and you’re still browsing the web to compile a list of schools that would fit your budget before you start the elimination process, below is a handy table that would help make things easier for you.

Before you proceed, though, please note that most of the data listed below were based on the tuition fee per unit collected by higher education institutions from incoming freshmen students who are residents of the Philippines. This means that, unless otherwise stated, additional expenses such as laboratory and other miscellaneous fees were NOT INCLUDED in the computation. Also, tuition and / or miscellaneous fees for international applicants are usually much higher than those of their local counterparts.

Additionally, certain courses may impose slightly higher or lower fees than other courses, so please leave some room for adjustments.

Lastly, the data you’ll find below were compiled based on publicly accessible information — mostly from the schools’ official websites and news agencies.’ They may or may not have changed since the last time we accessed these websites, so we strongly advise  that you only use the data below for general reference and that you still consult the official representatives of the schools for more detailed and accurate information.

 Tuition Fees of Colleges and Universities in the Philippines as of SY 2014 – 2015
Schools  Tuition Fee
Abra State Institute of Science and Technology P 100.00 per unit
Adamson University P39,927.00 (AB Economics )
P42,603.00 (AB Communication)
P39,927.00 (AB Philosophy)
P38,299.00 (AB Political Science)
P48,689.00 (BS Accountancy)
P50,351.00 (BS Architecture)
P42,447.00 (BS Biology)
P46,759.00 (BS Chemistry)
P54,981.00 (BS Computer Science)
P50,419.00 (BS Customs Admin)
P42,603.00 (Education)
P46,159.00 (Engineering)
P48,233.00(BS Nursing)
P41,811.00 (Financial Management/Marketing/Operation)
P36,843.00 (Hospitality Management)
P50,359.00 (BS Information Technology)
P47,295.00 (BS Information System)
P51,193.00 (BS Pharmacy)
P45,021.00 (Psychology)P47,629.00 (Assoc in ComTech)
*includes tuition and laboratory fees
Asia Pacific College P 42,000 to 48,000 per trimester (AB Multimedia Arts)
Ateneo de Manila University P 3,276.55 per unit
Ateneo de Naga University P 887.67 per unit
Ateneo de Zamboanga University P 735.93  per unit
Batangas State University P 250.00 per unit
Benguet State University P 150.00 per unit
Bulacan State University P 200.00 per unit
Caraga State University P 250.00 per unit
Cavite State University P 250.00 per unit
Cebu Technological University (CTU) P 150.00 per unit
Central Luzon State University P 150.00 per unit
Central Mindanao University P 210.00 per unit
Central Philippine Adventist College P 550.00 per unit
Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Intramuros P 29,152.25 BS Nutrition and Dietetics
P 23, 321.80 BS Food Technology
P 23, 321.80
 BS Tourism Management
P 23, 321.80
 BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
P 26, 820.07BS Accountancy
P 21, 253.80
 BS Business Administration
P 19, 823.53
 BS Information Technology
P 19, 823.53
 AB Communication Arts
P 24, 391.80
 BS Electrical Engineering
P 24, 391.80
 BS Industrial Engineering
P 24, 391.80
 BS Civil Engineering
P 24, 391.80
 BS Electronics Engineering
P 20, 989.62 BS Psychology
P 18, 06.73
 BS Political Science
P 18, 065.73
 AB Legal Management
P 18, 065.73
 Bachelor of Secondary Education
Colegio de Sta. Rita (San Carlos City) P 546.00 per unit
De La Salle University – Manila P 2,363 per unit
DMMA College of Southern Philippines P 432.60 per unit
Dominican College of Tarlac P 472.00 per unit
Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology P 100.00 per unit
Far Eastern University P 1,410.00 per unit
Fellowship Baptist College (Kabankalan City) P 462.00 per unit
Holy Angel University P 940.00 per unit
Ifugao State University P 100.13 per unit
Kalinga State College P 100.13 per unit
Isabela State University P 100.00 per unit
Kabankalan Catholic College P 366.33 per unit
La Consolacion College (Isabela City) P 287.72 per unit
Mapua institute of Technology P 1,545 per unit
Mindanao State University – Main P 85.00 per unit
Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology 100.00 per unit – Regular Program
P 250.00 per unit – BS Nursing (1st Year & 2nd Year)
P 300.00 per unit – BS Nursing (3rd Year & 4th Year)
P 150.00 per unit – General Education
P 200.00 per unit – BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
P 200.00 per unit – Engineering Technology Special Programs* as of SY 2012-2013
Mindanao State University – Naawan P 100.00 per unit
Miriam College P 2,090.00 per unit
Mountain Province State Polytechnic College P 100.13 per unit
Mt. Carmel College (Escalante City) P 396.00 per unit
North Western Visayan College P 382.25 per unit
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Full (Non-paying Scholars) – Free
Full (Minimal Paying Scholars):
P 159.00  per unit (Undergraduate courses except Physical Therapy)
P 466.00 per unit (Physical Therapy)
Highly Subsidized (Minimal Paying Scholars):
P 266.00 per unit (Undergraduate courses except Physical Therapy)
P 532.00 per unit (Physical Therapy
Philippine State College of Aeronautics P 9,045.00 per semester
Polytechnic University of the Philippines P 12.00 per unit
Filamer Christian University P 402.57 per unit
Silliman University P 33, 721.07
BS NursingP 32,356.06
BS ArchitectureP 31, 481.71
BS Business Computer ApplicationsP 30,984.38
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
BS Physical Therapy
BS Medical TechnologyP 30,375.11
BS Agriculture major in Agricultural BusinessP 28,952.82
BS PhysicsP 28,767.05
BS Civil EngineeringP 27, 919.17
BSED PhysicsP 27,802.26
BS in Agriculture major in Animal Science
BS in Agriculture major in AgronomyP 27,648.57BS Biology
BS ChemistryP 27, 640.31
BBA major in Office Management
BS Mechanical EngineeringP 26,194.20
BS Computer Engineering
BS Electrical EngineeringP 25,885.18
BM Choral ConductingP 25,346.32
BSED Biology
BSED Biological ScienceP 25,327.07
BM VoiceP 23, 962.30
BM Music Education
BM CompositionP 23,769.68
BS Public AdministrationP 23,321.78
BS Computer Science
BS Information TechnologyP 23,172.31
BBA major in Management
BBA major in Economics
BBA major in Entrepreneurship
BS AccountancyP 22,247.07
BM PianoP 22,010.53
BEED General
BSED English
BSED Mathematics
BEED Preschool
BS Library and Information ScienceP 22,033.13
BS Information SystemsP 21,739.93
AB PhilosophyP 19,674.23
AB Speech and TheaterP 19,298.60
BFA major in PaintingP 19,167.08
BS Social Work
AB Mass CommunicationP 18,009.95
AB Creative Writing
AB History
AB EnglishP 16,594.23
AB Sociology
BS Pol Sci
*Tuition fee only
Southeastern College – Pasay P 363.36 per unit
Southland College P 324.03 per unit
STI College P 951.88 per unit
St. Paul University Iloilo P 585.137 per unit
St. Paul University Surigao P 640.00 per unit
St. Scholastica’s College P 1,708.00 per unit
Technological University of the Philippines P 150.00 per unit
University of Asia and the Pacific P 3,056.00 per unit
University of Makati P 1,000.00 per semester (Makati residents)
P 3,000 per semester (Non-Makati residents)
*miscellaneous fees excluded
University of Negros Oriental P 653.00 per unit
University of San Agustin P 717.34 per unit
University of Santo Tomas P P1,348 per unit
University of the Philippines Baguio P 1,500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Diliman P 1,500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Los Baños P 1,500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Manila P 1,500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Mindanao P 1,500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
University of the Philippines Visayas P 1,500.00 per unit (Bracket A)
Western Mindanao State University P 30.00 per unit (Regular Courses)
P 200.00 per unit (Corporate Courses)
The data above was compiled from materials we have on hand. If the information you are looking for is not available above, we suggest you try other sources such as the official representatives of the schools you are thinking of enrolling at or your personal acquaintances that are currently enrolled in the school.

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